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 With some help from our customers, Ranger Design has pinpointed the three main reasons why clients are dedicated to us:

Quiet – Tough enough for your biggest jobs and quiet enough for a peaceful ride, Ranger Design’s hard-working equipment gets the job done. Our shelving and partitions have consistently proven to be significantly quieter than any other upfits on the marketplace.

QuickShip – We understand that you need your vans ready for work as soon as possible! Ranger Design’s shipping times are the fastest in the industry, with a standard turnaround of five days and an unbeatable 24-hour Quickship option on our most popular packages.

Customer Service – You won’t have to deal with any frustrating automated answering systems at Ranger Design; we are pleased to offer efficient, personalized service. At Ranger Design you can be sure of speaking to one of our professionals every time you call; our dedicated team of friendly representatives is always ready to help you out with any questions or requests you may have. Contact us for more information about van racking, van racks, van shelving and storage systems by Ranger Design.

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